traditional thai massage

Simon offers combinations of the following thai treatments:

Traditional Thai Massage
Sometimes referred to as Thai yoga massage this massage will, on a physical level, take every joint through its full range of motion and stretch and compress every muscle. Whilst on an energetic level, will balance the flow of energy (referred to as lom (wind) or sen (energy)) throughout the body, releasing stagnant energy.

90 minutes to 2 hours
Thai Foot Massage
This massage of the feet and lower legs is similar to reflexology in that the reflex points of the feet are worked in order to stimulate the corresponding internal organs. However it is also much more of a massage of the feet than reflexology, and incorporates the use of a small stick to stimulate the reflex points. Having massaged the feet very thoroughly, and stimulated the reflex points this massage then continues to massage the lower legs and knee, relaxing the muscles and beginning to encourage the flow of energy from the feet.

1 hour
Thai Fusion Massage
This is not a traditional treatment in Thailand, but is widely available as westerners generally like an oil or lotion based massage. Performed on a massage couch this massage combines the classic stroking and kneading techniques of western massage alongside the physical stretches and enrgetic work of Thai Massage.

90 minutes to 2 hours
Thai Herbal Massage
The use of herbs pervades every part of Thai culture from the conscious use of herbs in their cooking to their herbal remedies. Incorporated into a massage the Luk Prakhop (herbal compress) will deeply relax the muscles, and begin to detoxify the body and digestive system. The dried herbs are wrapped in muslin and then soaked and steamed to release their healing properties. The hot compress is then used to massage the body, following the flow of energy, working deep into muscles as well as nourishing the joints.

1 hour, usually combined with either a Thai Fusion or a Traditional Thai Massage


Treatment sessioins generally last for 4 hours and will include at least 3 hours of massage. Following the initial enquiry there will be communication to plan for the treatment session. A typical session will begin with a 1 hour Thai Foot Massage, this is followed by a short break, and then 2 hours of either a Traditional Thai Massage, incorporating the use of herbs, or a Thai Fusion massage incorporating herbs.

Full day, half day, and contract bookings available on request

training and assessing

As well as being the main tutor and assessor with The London School of Thai Massage, Simon also provides his expertise as a freelance trainer, assessor and internal verifier to other schools interested in offering traditional thai massage to their students

freelance and consultancy

As well as writing books Simon is also involved in the writing of qualifications in aspects of thai massage. As a trainer he also writes, teaches and implements thai signature treatments for spas.

As a business studies honours graduate, alongside his specialist knowledge of Thai Massage, Simon is well placed to advise on as well as implement thai spa projects.

If you are looking to open a thai spa, or would like to maximise the potential of your existing spa please contact simon directly


The next retreat day is to be held at Noblesse Retreats in Kent on Tuesday 28th January 2014. For further details and to book your place please visit Noblesse Retreats

Various types of retreats are on offer throughout the year, from intense training retreats around the world to relaxing and destressing yoga and massage retreats.

As well as organising retreats Simon can also attend your retreat as a specialist therapist.